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The Ipad Paintbrush

The Ipad Paintbrush
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This is the paintbrush that allows you to create works of art on a table computer or smarphone. The paintbrush uses patent-pending synthetic hairs infused with conductive properties, designed with the same taper, flexibility, and strength as traditional bristles, resulting in the same feel and authentic strokes. Indentical in size and weight to typical painting implements, the iPad paintbrush simulates painting in acrlic, watercolor, or charcoal media using Apple and Android apps such as PIcsArt, ASKetch, and Brushers. The other end of the brush has a rubber stylus that enables sketching or handwriting. Made from brass with chrome plating and a soft rubber grip for optimal control .

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The Dual Device Backup Battery

This device has a small size like the size of a pack of gum. It can charge two electronic devices simultaneously. It can full charge twice two devices either two tablets or two smartphones before needing a charge itself. The unique USB charging cable - with Apple 30-pin/micro USB/mini USB tips - connects to virtually any portable electronic device without requiring adapters. The battery automatically detects the type of device to which it is connected and adjusts the amount of power delivered accordingly. About the size of a pack of gum, the battery has built-in surge protection that prevents damage to devices while they are charging. Recharges via USB with included cable or via AC with your device's AC adapter. 1" H x 1 3/4" W x 3 1/2" L. (5 oz.)

A Scanner Having Pen Size

A Scanner Having Pen Size

This is the ballpoint pen that laser-scans documents as easily as it scribes notes. A high-precision auto-focus lens and 5-megapixel sensor built into the pen scan letters, recipes, or important documents as crisp, clear 2048 x 1536 pixel images. Pressing the shutter button halfway projects a visible red laser frame onto a document, and the pen automatically focuses the image just before the picture is taken. The device has 1 GB of built-in flash memory that holds up to 1,000 scanned pictures in JPEG format and the pen also captures voice memos in WAV format with the integrated microphone. Twisting the pen apart reveals a USB plug that downloads scanned images to a computer. Made from anodized aluminum, the pen switches from writing to scanning mode with a turn of a dial. Captures up to 300 images after a one-hour charge via USB. Compatible with Mac OSX, Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP. Includes a leather case and ink cartridge. 6 1/2" L x 2/3" Diam. (2 oz.)

Turn your iPhone into Robotic Avatar

The iPhone owners' Robotic Avatar

The iPhone owner's Robotic Avatar

This is the robotic avatar that reflects an iPhone owner's facial features and personality traits. An iPhone becomes the robot's "face" after downloading an app and placing the iPhone in the robot's head. The app allows you to alter the robot's appearance to resemble your own facial features by choosing from 24 different accents, eyebrows, eyes, masks, glasses, noses, mouths and beards, With moving eyebrows and blinking eyes that imply human intelligence, you can customize its responses in your own voice to match your personality, such as "stop that!" when being bumped into a wall repeatedly or "wait a sec, bub!" when its built-in sensors detect it is being commanded to roll down a set of stairs or off a 8' wheels, commanded from the 30'-range infrared remote as well as voice commands.

The Wireless iPhone Printer

The Wireless iPhone Printer

This is the printer that connects wirelessly to an iPhone or Android-powered phone and prints vibrant color photographs. An iPhone running a free app transmits pictures over a home Wi-Fi network to the printer, allowing you to print from anywhere in the home. In less than a minute and without ink cartridges, it prints 4" x 6" borderless photographs at 300 dpi resolution in up to 256 gradations and 16.7 million colors. The pictures are printed on patented paper embedded with yellow, magenta, and cyan dye crystals, producing rich, vibrant photographs that are waterproof and resist fingerprints, dust, and scratches. It can also print pictures directly from PictBridge-enabled cameras. Includes paper cartridge for 10 prints; additional paper cartridges sold below. Compatible with all iPhone (including iPhone 5), iPad, and iPod touch models running iOS 3 and up and Android-powered devices running OS 2 and up. 7" L x 6" W x 4" H. (3 lbs.)

Smooth and Stylish VIPER AIO PC

These new AIOs also known as “All in one PC are result of Viper’s collaboration with Microsoft and Intel to work on a highly” unique approach of how systems are designed Viper has recently introduced a built-in battery in the AIO unit which can give up to 45-minute backup power. Giving you the freedom of portability, to move from your home office to your living room. Wireless capability and the option of a 21.5-inch wall-mountable monitor make’s the all-in-one PC exquisite. AOI PC’s are the game changer literally and figuratively. Sleek, smart, energy efficient, powerful and customizable, the AIO will truly revolutionize desktop computing.

Intel has come up with technological brilliance with the AIO or the All-in-One PC. Geared towards connected homes and entertainment hubs, the all-in-Once PC has successfully bought back the desktop era when one PC was the centre of attraction in a household. Without the bulky CPU, Intel has intelligently hidden the motherboard, the processor, memory, graphic card and a DVD burner in the back of the LED. So basically all the AIO comprises off is an LED screen, a keyboard and a mouse and that’s about it.

The All-in-PC runs a touch screen version of Window 8.1, and the internal specs keeps everything running smoothly. While the central i3 processor, the 2 GB of DDR3 RAM and its moderate Intel HD Graphics card will allow you to watch or play anything without any hiccups. Most video games will run smoothly on medium settings, but some games, like Dirt 3, will operate at high settings. This model of Viper AIO can handle hard work, too. While it’s best at entertaining, its huge 500 GB SATAII Hard Drive means that it is ready for plenty of storage.

When it comes to visual entertainment, Viper’s AIO PC offers fantastic entertainment potential and connectivity options, making it a great hub for all your movies, music and video games. If you’re ready to replace the family computer and want something that does more than surf the web, the Viper AIO PC is worth your consideration. Booting up the machine takes 5-7 seconds, thanks to the super fast SSD (Solid State Drives) which powers up the AIO PC in mere seconds than minutes. Geared with powerful Core i3 processor playing games and browsing the internet are super-fast too. While our test unit was based on the second generation Core i3 processor, other flavors of the AIO can be enhanced to Pentium Dual Core G630 and the blazing fast Core i5 and i7 third generation processors.

Another important feature of the AIO is the built-in webcam which is an added advantage in the machine, making it fun for the family, Skype and other similar video conferencing software work seamlessly well eradicating the need for an extra webcam or a mic. Overall the AIO is a wonderful machine which has something for everyone, be it video conferencing, watching movies, playing games or surfing the internet. A highly recommended machine, the All-in-One PC suddenly makes you believe that the desktop is not dead, it has successfully been resurrected by Intel and it’s here for a long time.

Screen mirror for iphone/movie/ipad/3gs camera/facetime/skype/camera to apple tv


Screen mirroring is a technique through which you can mirror the screen of your smart device on a bigger display. The setup can be wired or wireless. Here we discuss the wireless method.


AirPlay was introduced with iOS 4.2 in 2010 to let people stream content from an iOS device to a PC/Mac or Apple TV. Some fames even offer a second-screen experience, displaying the game on yourTV with your phone acting as a controller. The option shows up automatically when using an app that supports AirPlay.


1.       Install AirServer on your PC, which will act as an AirPlay receiver. If you are using a Mac, navigate to System Prefernces > Display > AirPlay Mirroring and jump to step 3.
2.       Open AirServer.


3.      Make sure both devices are on the same network (Wi-Fi/Bluettoth/Ethernet).
4.       On your iOS device, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access Control Center.
5.       Tap AirPlay. You Should see a list of connectable devices.
6.       Tap the name of the device you wish to AirPlay to. Tap mirroring. Once it is enabled, your iOS devices’s screen will be mirrored on your big screen.
7.       To terminate the connection, simply disconnect from the network or terminate the app.


First, chek to see if your Android device supports sisplay mirroring. Go to Settings > Display, does it say, “Display Mirroring?” If so, your device suports it. CyanogenMod developer Koushik  ‘Koush’ Dutta has demonstrated a working AirPlay mirroring solution for Android, but if you are not using the Cynogen Mod, your will need the doubleTwist app, along with the AirTwist add-on (paid upgrade) in order to use AirServer/ AirPlay to sync your devices.


  1. 1.       Launch double Twist
  2. 2.       Tap Settings
  3. 3.       Tap AirTwist
  4. 4.       Check the box net to AirTwist

5.       Select “Approve” the Approve Network popup
6.       Go to AirServer and search for your Android phone with the device name found on the settings screen.
Enjoy your mirroring experience

During the iOS 5 beta period, we covered how to mirror an iPad 2 with a TV using AirPlay and an Apple TV. With the release of the iPhone 4S, Apple brings the mirroring feature to its newest handset.
To get started, you will need an Apple TV with the latest software and an iPhone 4S, all hooked up to the same Wi-Fi network.


To mirror your iPhone 4S, you will need to double-click the home button, bringing up the app-switching tray. Swipe from left-to-right two times, revealing a volume slider and the familiar AirPlay icon.


Tapping on the AirPlay icon will reveal any Apple TV-compatible devices currently connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone 4S. Select the device to which you would like to mirror your iPhone 4S. Toggle the Mirroring switch to On.


Once mirroring is enabled, the status bar on your iPhone will turn blue and have an AirPlay icon located next to the battery meter. This serves as a reminder that everything you are currently doing on your iPhone 4S is being displayed on your TV.


Mirroring your iPhone 4S to a larger screen can come in handy for giving a presentation, showing off photos, taking a FaceTime call or even simply browsing the Internet. Mirroring works with both portrait and landscape modes.

To turn off mirroring, just repeat the steps above, but this time select iPhone on the AirPlay screen. The blue bar and AirPlay icon in the status bar should then disappear, indicating that you have successfully turned off mirroring.

Yeah friends I hope you liked my tutorial. Thank you