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The smart heart rate watch

: The smart heart rate watch

This is the heart rate watch that pairs with an iPhone and displays speed, pace, and distance on the watch face. The watch conects wirlessly via Bluetooth to an iPhone or Android-powered phone running the free MapMyRun app and displays distance traveled and pace, allowing a runner to easily monitor critical performance metrics with a quick glance. The included heart rate chest strap fits comfortably around the torso and transmits a constant ECG-accurate heart rate reading to the watch. Compatible with iOS 5 and up and Android 2.1 and up.

BlackBerry is going to launch BBM for Gingerbread in Feb

BlackBerry is going to launch BBM for Gingerbread in Feb

BlackBerry launched its popular BBM service for Android and iOS last year and ever since it went official, Gingerbread users have been demanding a version of the application that is compatible with the platform. And now we hear that an app for this operating system is on its way into the Google Play store.

The company itself spilled the beans regarding the new version of the instant messenger through a post on its official blog. It says that the app will be compatible with devices running Gingerbread version 2.3.3 or later and the beta version can be expected to be released sometime in February. The previously released BBM for Android application was compliant with gadgets based on Ice Cream Sandwich or higher platforms.

The developers at BlackBerry have been busy designing the application for a few months now and it goes without saying that the version will make the instant messenger available to more than a few million people around the globe. Even though Google has already released the KitKat OS, Gingerbread continues to have a 21 percent share in the Android territory.

You may already know that BlackBerry Messenger or BBM, an instant messaging service, recently went cross platform. Additionally, there are reports doing the rounds of the web that the Android and iOS versions are up for an update that will tag along support for voice calls and messages as well as BBM Channels.

How to delete your Facebook account?

How to delete your Facebook account?

Although social networking sites have enormous benefits, they come with their fair share of downside as well. So whether you are irritated but the inane barrage of data, want to break free of the addiction, go into virtual hibernation or simply need a break, here are the steps to delete yourself from Facebook.

Before you delete your account, you may want to back up your personal files, such as images, videos, posts and messages, for that you can visit my post:  How to download all your files form Facebook ?


First of all head over to and log into you account.

How to delete your Facebook account?


Now click on ‘gear button’ at the top at right hand side.

How to delete your Facebook account?


From the drop down list, choose ‘Account Setting’ and click on it.

How to delete your Facebook account?


On the next page click on ‘Security’ below ‘General’ .

How to delete your Facebook account?


Now click on “Deactivate your account”. Follow the screen shot.

How to delete your Facebook account?


You will be asked the reason to delete the account. Choose one reason you like to and click on ‘Confirm’

How to delete your Facebook account?


Now you will be asked to enter your password and Captcha. Enter password and Captcha and click on ‘Okay’:

How to delete your Facebook account?

How to download all your files from Facebook?

For instance if you are going to delete your account from Facebook, you may want to back up your personal files, such as images, posts and messages. In order to do this follow the simple steps as follows:

Step 1

First of all log into your Facebook account and click on "Gear button" at the top and at your right. See the screen shot below:

How to download all your files from Facebook?

Step 2

Now select "Account setting" option from the drop down and click on it as below:

How to download all your files from Facebook?

Step 3

Now you will be on  "General Account Setting" page. You  will see "Download a copy of your Facebook Data" below and click on it. Follow the screen shot:

How to download all your files from Facebook?

Step 4

Now click on "Downlaod Archive" and then enter your password and click on submit.

How to download all your files from Facebook?

Now i the last you will get a message that "your personal data is being compiled and will be sent to you on your email.

Facebook video ads hoax/mark zuckerberg facebook video ads hoax

source: New York Times

Facebook is going to examine the patience of its some users in against of hundreds of million of dollars it could make on video advertisement. Ads will be placed into some news feeds -  Facebook page will display the stream of items. Now starting from this week some of Facebook users will see video ads in their news feeds. In the beginning Facebook will only make visible video ads at a short span of people. 

Video ads will be nestled between photos of giggling babies, some personal items on the site, video will kick off by default in muted mode. Facebook users will have to pocket the new ads, particularly in their mobile Facebook. In the start of year, Facebook was criticized a lot due to its sluggish development in mobile devices. Now, half of the company’s advertising revenue is derived from its mobile audience, which helped push the company’s share price up 100 percent over the last year, to $54 a share.

The video ads, if poorly received, could risk that growth, but they also present a tremendous opportunity. Digital video advertising spending is expected to hit $4.15 billion by the end of this year, a 23 percent increase over last year, according to the market research company eMarketer. YouTube has the biggest slice of that spending, at about 20 percent.

Sterne Agee, a research firm, projects Facebook could command as much as $3 million a day in video ads, which could represent as much as 10 percent of the company’s advertising dollars in 2014. Facebook had $1.8 billion in advertising revenue in its most recent quarter.

Facebook has taken steps to assure people its video ads won’t be too annoying. The videos are silent unless a user taps, clicks on the ad or enlarges it to a full screen.

For data-guzzling mobile devices, the company said that videos would be downloaded in advance when the device was connected to Wi-Fi. So if someone checks Facebook when a device is connected through a cellular network, it will rely on predownloaded versions of the video ads, keeping it from consuming too much data, a concern for people whose phone contracts have a monthly limit on the amount of data they can use.

At the end of each video ad, Facebook will show two other video advertisements that users can click or tap to view, if they choose.

To start, Facebook is working with Summit Entertainment to show video previews promoting a coming movie called “Divergent,” a science-fiction thriller starring Shailene Woodley and Kate Winslet.

Facebook plans to eventually introduce the video ads to a broader audience, though it did not indicate when that would happen. But if early reactions on social media are any indication, Facebook has work ahead convincing users that its ads won’t be a problem.

“Thanks for implementing a feature that will slow my browsing down considerably, and eat into my monthly data allowance,” a user by the name of English Davis wrote on Facebook. “Really appreciate how much you care about your actual users! All this ad revenue won’t mean anything when you’ve driven everyone away.” Another user, named Brigette Meskey, wrote, “If it irritates me as much as I expect it will, I will be using FB a lot less.”

Facebook said that it had been testing video content on its site since September, and that the early response led it to continue with the introduction.

“As a result, we’ve seen views, likes, shares and comments increase more than 10 percent,” the company wrote in a blog post.

Reaction on Wall Street was muted, with Facebook’s share price up 1.95 percent Tuesday.

This is not the first time that Facebook has had to balance its desire to increase ad sales with the demands of customers. The company has long tinkered with its site design and has frequently introduced changes to its privacy settings.

Andrew Frank, an analyst at the research company Gartner, said that Facebook would tread lightly with the mobile ads and would use the limited test as a trial balloon, but he added that he doubted users would mind very much.

“I find it hard to believe it’s going to move the needle very much or have an outcome that will contribute to a mass exodus from Facebook or anything,” Mr. Frank said.

The bigger goal, he said, is probably grabbing even a tiny slice of television advertising, which is worth $66 billion annually, according to eMarketer.

“Clearly, there are a lot of ifs in that question,” Mr. Frank said. “What’s at stake is whether or not Facebook is an attractive vehicle” for the kinds of branding ad campaigns so often seen on television.

Share your pictures on Facebook secretly (Only for iOS)

Friends you know now a days how social media is playing very important role our lives. Facebook is the top listed social media as compare to all other social medias. Now I don’t bother to call or meet with my friends, relatives and all colleagues & classmates, because I know how they are getting on and what’s happening in their lives. DO YOU THINK I HAVE A MAGIC NOW!!.