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Get Best Education free of cost from anywhere in the world

Get Best Education free of cost from anywhere in the world

Friends what if someone tells you that free admissions are opened in MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)? Precisely you will call him fool, won’t you? But friends this is absolutely true because including MIT and other best education universities in the world have kicked off free online education programs where any student around the world can get registration and study from their own pace via internet. WOW!!!!! Really!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes friends it is true...Now let me introduce you how it started and the websites links:

Who Took Initiative?

Open Source Ware

Get Best Education free of cost from anywhere in the world

No doubt free online education programs were commenced by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Yes friends it was MIT whose teachers started thinking about launching free education course on the internet in the world. Some of their experts suggested that the simple way is to make available entire course material online on the internet so that a great strength of students can avail free education around the world. On 4th April in 2001 MIT announced that their all courses would be available on the website free of cost.

 In 2002 pilot version of the website was launched. Initially it was consisted on 500 courses. In 2007 MIT offered 1800 courses in 33 fields. It means they offered their whole curriculum online for students that too free of cost. Time to time MIT improved course outlines. In 2012 they had introduced 2150 courses online and numbers of visitors were 125 million. MIT is aiming to deliver their free courses up to 1 billion students.

So friends you can also avail these online free of cost courses. So what are you waiting for?  Head over to the website and register yourself strait away!!!!! Website:

EDX (Another step)

Get Best Education free of cost from anywhere in the world

Management of Harvard University also thought to participate in this virtue. Hence they also decided to provide free online education in collaboration with MIT. Online education was only limited to course material on internet before EDX, but in 2012 MIT and Harvard universities made a strategy to launch online classes for the course jointly.  Thus website came into being.

Here students can enroll free of cost where they are informed about new courses schedules time to time and students can choose the course programs according to their needs and time availability. Interestingly enough here you will find such courses on which you will be issued certifications after the completion as well.


Get Best Education free of cost from anywhere in the world

Last but not least, another step in this development took Stanford University. At this time Dafnay Coler and Andrew N.G gathered the best universities of America and Europe and made a plan to furnish online free education classes. In these programs 62 universities of 16 countries participated in this activity from America and Europe.  Students were offered 300 courses on the website.

Friends you can also register here and get any course free of cost and at the end of the course, you will be issued certificate as well. So far one million and seventy hundred thousand (17,000,000) students have registered in different 440 courses from 170 countries. I believe friends this will also be useful for you.

Udacity (Another platform of free online education)

Get Best Education free of cost from anywhere in the world

Two professors of Stanford University started this platform. It means Udacity is another free online education platform from Stanford University. The most advanced technology course “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)” was launched free of cost firstly. In a short span of time 160,000 students from 190 countries enrolled for this course. Thus a new free online education platform Udacity came into being. Udacity is also a joined work of different Europe and American universities. The management is always embarking their course outline time to time that too free of cost.

British is also in this race

Get Best Education free of cost from anywhere in the world

If American universities are offering free education then why British universities remain deprived from this welfare. Keeping this vision British organized a “Russellgroup” with the cooperation and collaboration of different universities of British. Russellgroup is enthusiastic to prepare 30 graduate students in Science, Technology and Engineering fields. You will find some paid courses on the website. If you like, you can continue your study here.

12 Websites for creative minds


12 Websites for creative minds

Now a days people spend lots of time on net just to get information or video online. This Frequency site comes with those services which takes video from different online sources including  CNN, National geographic, TechCrunch, Facebook, TMZ and brings them to you in one place for easy viewing. Moreover this site also allows you to add your own favourite online video channels and website to the list and generates personalized recommendations for each user based on their preferences and likes. In some area or country youtube videos wont be accessible due to the ban as in Pakistan under the circumstances and regulations similarly it applies with some country with location-specific restrictions.


This is one of the beneficial website which named  as it also been posted in TECH POP UPS Blog a few weeks ago and for those  who been regularly read of all post in the blog site might remember the Reddit article. UReddit stands for University of Reddit, a site where you can find educational and informative material on a wide variety of subjects for a readers or learner or even anyone who wants to have a free course of each subject  such as Mathematics, Science, Music, Technology, History, Language and Arts that enable You to enroll in courses and even give a few classes as a teacher to the interested users in your area(s) of expertise which will give you the experience in both side either being an educator or a student that can share the knowledge and expertise in each subject you are expert in. The great thing is  this website visitors either they are Teachers and students that come from all over the world can join  together on this platform and explore the experience of learning, sharing and teaching in one place at one time  and the other cool best benefit from this site was all of the courses subject and material are free of cost just need your activeness in join the classes or head over to the site to know what’s is happening and the trending topics of each subjects everyday.


12 Websites for creative minds
AR codes are becoming more popular every day. But if you have gotten bored of its old black-and-white themes, we have a solution. With PapterLinks, you can request your own little designer QR code for free. PapterLinks helps businesses in creating customized QR codes according to their brand or themes. You can also get one free special PapterLinks, along with some basic tracking analytics for free and print it on your business card or documents. For more PapterLinks and deeper analytics, there are paid plans available.


12 Websites for creative minds
Wondermind is based on the art of Alice in Wonderland, the exhibition at Tate Liverpool. It helps you explore the science and mysteries of the mind with simple games. While the actual games may not be that unique or new. The site has some great information. Stuff like how a human mind works and other things that yuo0 might not have known before. You’ll also find some perceptive blog posts like “What’s the difference between science and art?” or “When is a tale a tail?” If you want to kmnow why it becomes harder to learn new languages as we get older or have any other interesting questions, head on to Wondermind.

World’s Biggets Pac-Man

12 Websites for creative minds
This is a great treat for the fans of the classic Pac-Man game. It gives you a huge page filled with tons of adjoining Pac-Man mazes. Type the address and start collecting those pellets. Conquer one maze after another, avoiding those nasty ghosts/enemies/monsters. You can even create your own Pac-Man maze. Nostalgia is bound to hit you as soon as you begin with the same old Pac-Man feel and sounds. The site is specially designed for IE9, but you can also access it from other browsers. It also displays global stats and country stats (top scoring countries) on the right. Get your friends to play the World’s Biggest Pac-Man Biggest and see if you can get the name of your country on the leader boards.


12 Websites for creative minds

Is an online community for women founded by actress/musician Zooey Deschanel, business woman Molly McAleer, and model/dancer Sophia Rossi. The site caters to a wide spectrum of interests from crafting to friendship tips to healthy living and beauty articles. It is updated with captivating “giggles” that will keep you stuck for hours. You can enjoy pasts and videos of popular TV shows and movies, different fandom and even pets.


12 Websites for creative minds

3DTin is an awesome web-based 3D modeling tools and is free to use! This three-year-old website has already attracted over 100,000 users and is being used at some schools. People have built a quite huge collection of “Creative Commons” 3D model making but have no idea where to start, just hop on to the site and click on the “help” icon. On the right of the screen you can see a few of the masterpieces built by other users. You’ll have to create an account to interact with the community.


12 Websites for creative minds

ResumUp is another career-related site with easty-to-use tools. It helps you built you resume and map your future growth and career advancement goals. Just enter your prvious experiences and other profile info, and the site automatically visualizes the data and presents it in a more compelling way. It also guides users on how to define their abilities and interests in a better way.


12 Websites for creative minds
If you visit a lot of sites and access multiple accounts on a daily basis, try setting Symbaloo as your homepage, it will make your life easier. This is basically a service that displays your favorite bookmarks and sites all on one page. The icons are arranged simply and the collection of colorful shortcut links is pleasant as well. You can arrange simply and the collection of colorful shortcut links is pleasant as well. You can arrange similar sites together to form clusters, for instance, all e-mail services icons can b placed next to each other. You can create your own Symbaloo account for free and start personalizing your page right away!


12 Websites for creative minds

Where do you go when you need tips for something? The internet, of course! Wizgig is on e place where you can find quick and useful tips on any topic. The subjects range from interview tips to web design and make up. Click on the topic of your interest to find a list of user submitted and rated tips .Surf through the topics of health, self improvement, budgeting, driving and even barbecutting, you never know how much ; interesting and handy advice might be waiting for you!


12 Websites for creative minds

The concept of Lunchtimers is simple, you can interact and play with other online lunchtimers from around the world in your free time to beat boredom. Although the multiplayer games are not very advanced, they are quite engaiging and unique. For instance, there is one interactive board where you have a lot of lumbled up randomly-placed magnets shaped like letters of the alphabet. You can arrange them on the screen to form words and the other players can also do the same. Scratchpad is another available platform where online users can communicate or just have fun by drawing on a white boards, you can play Tetris, Checkers and Pool with other players or solve a jigsaw puzzle if you like.

The site is like a cross between a phonebook and an internet search tool; basically it helps you find people on the internet. Just enter a name and it will bring you the results of all social media profiles of that person (or everyone with the same name). Of course if the subject of your search is not that active on the internet or has every strict privacy settings, you’re not likely to find much about them. also lets you specify which sites and services you want to search the name from.

10 must-try websites for creative minds


At times, social networking and news websites get boring and you need a change. Mash these two up and you've got a fascinating new timer-killer. “7 Problems Only People with Glasses Understand’ “18 Microwave Snacks you Can Cook In A Mug”, “23 Things That Could Only Exist In Silicon Valley”. Although this “social news website” owes a large part of its success to the ambushing (and sometimes very useful) lists, they feature a wide array of subjects. The site has everything from international news to cute pictures of animals. Celebrity scoops, the latest on your favorite TV shows, creative ideas, photographs, jokes quizzes, videos – you name it and BuzzFeed’s got it. All the posts are sorted into different sections like OMG, LOL, Cute, Fail and so on. Want to know what the buzz is about? Go ahead and see for yourself, and don’t miss the ListiClock browse mode.


 Following a book TV show or a movie is one thing, and participating in the world of related fanfiction (fiction written by fans on the character and/or plot of the original work) is totally another experience. is the place for all your fanfiction needs. Pick a show, book, a cartoon or some comics, and chances are that you’ll find tons of stories written by other people of that fandom here. You can browse through the elaborate lists and filter the results by genre, characters, length and rating, If you’re sad that a series has come to end try its fanfictin, some of them are so well written that the line between them and the original stories will be completely blurred and you’ll get lost in an extended fictional world. As if this wasn't enough, people are also mashing up two different universes, for instance characters and elements from the magical world of Harry Potter and Once Upon a Time (TV series) crossing over in one story.


 The site provides a good list of some of the best apps, games, plug-ins and tweaks for all you techiles out there. maintains a specific list of over a hundred software for different platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, as well as smartphones and tables. It is a must-visit if you use any electronic device or gadget that runs any of the above mentioned operating systems. And a lot of what’s featured there is available for free. It also lists the best portable apps and hosting services. This link is full of goodies and will come in handy on multiple occasions.


 Want to delete one or more of your online accounts? JustDeleteMe makes the process easier for you by giving direct links to delete your accounts from a variety of popular web services. The site also ranks and color codes different online stores, communities and social networkingsites on the basis of how easy it is to remove a personal account and information form it. Instagram, Scrib, Hotmail and all the ones marked in green let you delete your account without any hassle. However the process gets tricky as you move up the difficulty scale from yellow rated Watsapp and LinkedIn to red rated sites like Skype and Etsy. And then there are those with that dreaded black colored impossible rating, sites from where it is almost impossible to remove a username or account, for instance Evernote and Pinterst. JDM can’t do much about those but it does give you the next best alternates for them.


 This site is great for medical students as well as ordinary people. It’s one of the most popular and comprehensive sites that internet inhabitants resort to when they need any sort of medical information. WebMD has informative articles, facts, advice and tips and almost every imaginable health related topic. You can read about medicines and drugs, find out more about a disease or a condition, and update yourself with the latest happenings and advancements in the medical world. You can even type in specific symptoms to see what could be causing them, and while this can be useful, it is not a substitute for seeing a real doctor! Users can subscribe to their newsletters and can even chose specific topics according to their interest.


 OneBigPHoto is chock-a-block with high quality photos that are tagged and organized in easy-to-navigate categories. So the next time you’re bored and feeling uninspired, browse through one or more of these galleries and you’ll feel refreshed in no time, thanks to the brilliant works of photography that capture life and nature (as well as man-made wonders) in a brilliant in Human Hands and “Amazing World of Cats”. You’ll also find a variety of urban as well as rural landscape photos, and examples of awesome long exposure photography.


What this site basically does is create cool visualizations of tweets. You can define what kind of tweets you want by entering any twitter search operation on the home page. You can specify the tweets to be included on the home page. You can specify the tweets to be included on the basis of #hastags, &mentions, username and keywords. You can also choose between the three creative animation available: tag cloud, letter by letter and rotation. This can be a great tool to use for fun (for instance what kind of messages are people sending to a celebrity after a certain even) pr even in a presentation to show the audience what people from around the world are saying about a particular brand on Twitter.


 If you’re a fan of Pakistani dramas, TV shows movies and music, head over to ShobizSpice. The site has all the desi entertainment news, reviews and features. You will also find on location stills, behind the scene photos, celebrity interviews, facts and trivia, updates on upcoming projects and a list of genuine twitter handles of Pakistani actors and singers, but do watch out for parody accounts and importers!


 Small Demons is a social site targeting people who enjoy reading. Users can create and share Pinterest-board-like collections of their favorite books, as well as places, things and people from books. Pick a book , person (real or fictional), thing or place you like and start discovering where it can take you, you’ll be surprised. Here I’ll quote the website creators’ own words: “Everything placed into a book is there because it means something….Here is where you begin to discover what they can also mean to you”


 A cheat is a concise set of notes used for quick reference (not the one that students use in exams). Get all the cheat sheets you’ll ever need at one place. This website has a list of links for heaps quick reference sheets and guides on one webpage (Ctrl+F is your friend). Programming languages, software online services and all the IT related topics that you think ought to have a cheat sheet, are most likely to be present in the list. You’ll also find quick reference cards released to different areas of mathematics and science. Say goodbye to bookmarking individual cheat sheets and head over to this site whenever you need one.