Google introduced smart contact lens

Google introduced smart contact lens

International Diabetes Federation said. “We think the world is losing the battle against diabetes disease.” But I suppose Google is still zealous to conquer the end of diabetes that’s why it introduced speculative technology in contact lens called “Smart Contact Lens”

The aim of smart contact lens is to measure the glucose level of Diabetes patient. Typically diabetes patient pricks his finger to test his glucose level that’s the manual sort of test. Google embedded a tiny wireless chip and hair-thin antennae between two layers of lens. This chip is 50 times thinner than a human hair. There is a glucose sensor with chip embedded in the smart contact lens.

The sensor has enough potential to record the reading of glucose level after each second. In order to make it more outstanding, Google is striving to integrate LED light that will  light up when the certain level of glucose approaches crossed threshold.

So far smart contact lens is still in the developing phase in GoogleX lab. Although Google has accomplished its clinical research studies but still Google thinks that it needs some experts and partner companies related to medical tech development. Talking to FDA (Food & Drug Administration) Google said, “It wants to work with some partners who are particularly developing medical equipment and gadget.”


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