Turn your iPhone into Robotic Avatar

The iPhone owners' Robotic Avatar

The iPhone owner's Robotic Avatar

This is the robotic avatar that reflects an iPhone owner's facial features and personality traits. An iPhone becomes the robot's "face" after downloading an app and placing the iPhone in the robot's head. The app allows you to alter the robot's appearance to resemble your own facial features by choosing from 24 different accents, eyebrows, eyes, masks, glasses, noses, mouths and beards, With moving eyebrows and blinking eyes that imply human intelligence, you can customize its responses in your own voice to match your personality, such as "stop that!" when being bumped into a wall repeatedly or "wait a sec, bub!" when its built-in sensors detect it is being commanded to roll down a set of stairs or off a 8' wheels, commanded from the 30'-range infrared remote as well as voice commands.


Sonia Meyer said...

whats the application name for change the iphone into robotic avatar??

MIchelle Danes said...

this is cool!

Nia Nash said...

great robotic avatar iphone apps!

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