Common Computer Speed Tips which don’t work at all

Common Computer Speed Tips which don’t work at all

Friends as everyone knows this is an era of speedy and fast. Everyone wants to accomplish his task within the click of his finger. If in this fast running era your computer works slowly then it means you are off the race. On internet you will find scores of tips to boast the performance of your computer. But there are several tips which don’t work as a matter of truth. For that very reason there’s no any benefit of applying such tips.  So friends I would like to introduce you mainstream tips which don’t affect on the speed of your computer at all:

SSD Optimization

Friends the first tip of embarking your computer performance is defraging SSD. Typically you may be suggested by your friends this tip, but as matter of fact this tip doesn't work at all. By defraging SSD again and again its life reduces. Some defragement software also feature to optimize SSD to enhance card speed, but friends believe me this is not true. Having applied this tip you might feel a little improvement in your computer speed, but this is only for the time being. So I will suggest you that you don’t go for this tip as it will affect on your computer device.

Do empty folder & increase your computer speed

You will see several tips about making empty some folders of Windows and it will increase your computer speed. For instance, folder “Prefetch” that keeps the details of programs and Windows in it. Make sure by deleting these details will not get you speed in your computer. Actually this folder erases the data automatically after 130 entries. Friends if you manually delete the data of this folder then your computer will take long to boot.

Deleting Windows registry

I have seen many programs claiming that our program deletes registry data and gives you good speed of your compute. I am agreed that registry editor consists on unnecessary entries of Windows and programs. Whenever you uninstall any program from your computer, its information and other details remain in registry editor. Deleting all this data can only increase the space, but not speed. This tip can work at that time when your system is about 10 years old and there is a massive data available in your registry editor due to installing and uninstalling many programs in this period.

Defragement Android Devices

There are many applications available  on play store which you will see claiming about increasing speed by defraging memory. In android device sold state memory is used that’s why there is not any difference in computer speed by defraging SSD. All such sort of apps are useless because they don’t speed up your device after applying them.

Killing Application Process

You can only give relax to your device resources for the time being by killing the process of the application, but after a while this app turns on again. These all above tips don’t work for increasing computer speed. Hopefully I will share with you useful tips to increase computer speed in my next post .

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