10 Best Beauty Makeover Applications for iOs, Android & Windows Phones


Friends everyone likes to take photos from a camera, but would that if we wouldn't be dependent on photo shop for grooming pictures. We can’t deny that everyone wants to present his/her picture on his/her profile. But if your face complexion is dark, having pimples, dried skin, hair scattered or lack of brightness in you photos then you won’t like to share them on your Facebook profile ever.

There are scores of tools, filters available in Photoshop for grooming or enhancing your photos. . Photoshop is a professional tool to groom, modify and affect the pictures, but everyone can’t use it without its months training. For Smartphone users this tool isn't favorable. Because Smartphone users seek smart applications in which they don’t have to put their efforts just like their extra ordinary phone operating system. Smart phone users will never wish to download the pictures from Smartphone in the PC and then work on them in Photoshop. So, friends I would like to share with you 10 wonderful license free applications which will be handy for making over your photos into a pretty look. That’s the spirit!!! Hold on girls and let share them one by one with you.

1-Face Tune

It’s usual to have acne on the face. If you’re going through this problem within these days then Face Tune application can be useful for you. You can wipe off blemishes and wrinkles from your face with its features. If your eyes are getting reddish, you can improve or change their color as well. After you have done your work on the Face Tune, you can share your picture directly on Twitter, Tumbler Facebook etc.
This application is only available for iOS smart phone users at the moment.

For downloading and more details visit:


Pixtr application automatically improves your picture without your efforts. Pixtr wipe offer you’re all blemishes and improves your eyes colors. It is good for symmetry. Its significant is that it can work on group photos as well. You can directly upload your picture after working on it on your Facebook profile. Besides this there is an option to share your picture on Favebook, Twitter and Tumbler. It is available for iOS users only. It is expected to prepare for Android phone as well.
Donwload link: www.goo.gl/hhAJPp

3- Perfect365
With the help of Perfect365 application, you can utilize its face detection feature for improving and removing liver spots around your eyes. It has another wonderful feature that you can customize the size of your face areas, for example, cheeks, nose & etc. There are many ready made make-up templates available in this application. You just click on the make-up style and your face will get the same make over without spending your time on it. You can directly share pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler from this application. Perfect365 application is available for iOS, Android and Windows phone.

Check out: http://perfect365.arcsoft.com/

4- Photo Makeover

Friends this is my favorite application, because you can control your face by the help of Photo Makeover application. Definitely if your face isn't pleasant, not looking sociable then don’t worry this application will give you options for different expressions to apply on your face; for example, Smile, laugh, and etc. You can increase width of your eyes and nose as well. This is a wonderful application for boosting your face expressions. With this application you can improve your face colors, if there is a picture taken in poor light this application can improve its brightness by adding light in it for better look. In order to save your time there is a tool called Magic Shake option. With the help of Magic Shake option you can improve your picture straight away.
This is only available for iOS mobiles. There is only a sharing Facebook feature in this application.
Download link: www.goo.gl/zcyDpa

5-ModiFace PhotoEditor

There are so many features available in ModiFace Photo Editor. I have picked a best tool from ModiFace. This tool can change your picture at all. You must check out for giving a complete makeover to your picture. By the help of ModiFace Photo Editor you can change eyes color as well as size them. You can whiten your teeth and remove spots like zits, blotch and liver spots. There are scores of effects available in this application; you can apply them on your face as well. You can apply filter, frames and texts on your picture before you share it on your Facebook profile. You can also visit its website.
This application is only available for iOS.

Website: www.modiface.com/makeover.php

Download link: www.goo.gl/ZbCa5m

6- Beauty Booth Pro

This app has only two features. First it can remove all your face defects, e.g.: pimples, scars, liver spots, blotch, pockmark, zits and etc. The second feature is for effects on your eyes. Besides this, it has stamp, photo borders and beauty filter. Beauty Booth Pro  has options to share your picture on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

It is available for iOS and Android mobiles.

Download link for Android: www.goo.gl/Rstk6m

Download link for iOS: www.goo.gl/rjg4H0

7-Visage Lab

This application works almost automatically. It improves your face skin and applies makeover on your eyes. If your face brightness is unbalanced, Visage Lab can control the brightness of your face. It removes wrinkles and whitens your teeth. This is a punchy tool that can complete your work in a jiffy.  You do have an option to customize or edit your picture as well.  You can download, share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and share via e-mail.
This application is available for iOS and Anroid phones.

For Android download link: www.goo.gl/Ke7jRt
For iOS download link: www.goo.gl/9kj1nl

8-Beauty Camera

This application Beauty Camera not only improves poor brightness in the pictures, but also improves pictures results. In order to remove liver spots, pockmarks, zits you can directly make pictures from this application. You can share your pictures via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

This applicant is only available for Android.

Download link: www.goo.gl/k3XFRw

9-Pimple RemoverPhoto Retouch

This application is very intellectual. With the help of Pimple Remover you can remove spotted areas and liver spotted areas of your skin in the picture. This application removes all defects from your face automatically without disturbing the natural colors in the picture. For getting stunning results check out this application.

This application is available for Anroid users.

Download link: www.goo.gl/1Y5IT6


PicBeauty can improve your face, remove spots, liver spots before sharing on Facebook or iMessage. This application is available for iOs and Anroid.

Download for Android: www.goo.gl/atCbCO

Download for iOS: www.goo.gl/LqGMpq

Thank you very much friends.


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