Google Glass is growing up for future


Highly advanced wearable technology Google Glass sort was only dwelling in Science Fiction movies before Google makes it into reality. Google Glass new version is being expected. According to news Google Glass will be launched in next year with dashing improved style. Google Glass will bring some changing in it, such as it will work with eyeglasses or maybe shades. Speakers will be replaced with ear bud to make hearing experience better than before. Its overall new design has been unknown yet. Some says that it will look like of an 80’s Sci-Fi movie.

Google Glass technology is same like we wear regular glasses, it has high-resolution display. It works with human voice commands for several actions, for instance, making photos, videos, sending e-mails, text messaging, sharing live videos/shows with friends in real-time and etc.  I will say that its new version will be like our eyeglasses and it come in a particular design but after some time its new design will be released after peoples’ demand or response. 

Thank you very much friends.


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